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eLicensing Tutorial: Discontinue Salesperson Affiliation

Responsible brokers and designated/licensed officers of corporations can use the eLicensing online system to discontinue salesperson affiliation.   To do so:

  • Sign in to eLicensing. If you have never used eLicensing, you will need to complete the registration step to create a user name and password. Thereafter, clicking on the eLicensing graphic and signing in by entering your user name and password will provide access to eLicensing.


  • Enter the license number of the salesperson to be removed from your license.


  • Review the information that appears to ensure the correct salesperson is selected for discontinuation of affiliation.

  • If the correct salesperson is selected, click on DISCONTINUE SALESPERSON AFFILIATION .

  • To verify the correct salesperson has been selected and complete the termination, click on DISCONTINUE SALESPERSON AFFILIATION NOW.

The duplicative steps in the process were designed as safeguards to prevent erroneous discontinuation of salesperson affiliation. Salespersons without a responsible broker (license status "NBA" for no broker affiliation) cannot perform activities requiring a real estate license.

If a responsible broker or designated broker/officer discontinues affiliation of a salesperson by mistake, eLicensing can be used to reinstate the salesperson's affiliation. The salesperson would need to sign in to eLicensing and select the ADD OR CHANGE RESPONSIBLE BROKER menu option. The responsible broker or designated/licensed officer would need to certify the salesperson's affiliation online (see Broker Certification Tutorial for instructions).

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