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eLicensing Tutorial: Broker Certification of Salesperson Employment

When a salesperson uses eLicensing to renew his or her license, the employing broker must certify the salesperson's employment through eLicensing. To do so:

  • If the broker will be using eLicensing for the first time, the broker will need to complete the registration step to create a user name and password. Thereafter, clicking on the eLicensing graphic and signing in by entering the user name and password will provide access to eLicensing.
  • Click on CERTIFY EMPLOYEE'S RENEWAL OR CHANGE APPLICATION. (This menu option will appear only if there are employees to certify.)
  • If you would like to review a PDF version of the employee's application before certifying employment, click on the REVIEW link (in blue text) next to the employee's name.
  • Click in the SELECT box next to the name of the employee(s) you wish to certify and click CERTIFY.

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