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eLicensing Tutorial: Sales Renewal

Salespersons can use the eLicensing online system to renew their licenses.  To do so:

  • Before you use eLicensing to renew your license, make sure your broker will also use eLicensing to certify your employment. Online broker certification of salesperson employment is very simple. Please take a moment to review the instructions for broker certification of salesperson employment with your employing broker.

    If your employing broker is reluctant to use eLicensing to certify your employment, you should mail your renewal application to DRE on or prior to your renewal expiration date instead of using eLicensing. Thank you.

  • Sign in to eLicensing. If you have never used eLicensing, you will need to complete the registration step to create a user name and password. Thereafter, clicking on the eLicensing graphic and signing in by entering your user name and password will provide access to eLicensing.


  • After reading the information provided, click on CONTINUE.

  • Answer the four questions, click on CONTINUE.

  • You will be asked if you would like to change your mailing address. Click on YES or NO. If YES, type your new address over your old address and click on PREVIEW CHANGE. Check to make sure your new address is correct, then click on SUBMIT ADDRESS CHANGE.

  • To change your PHONE NUMBER, make changes and click SAVE. If no change need to be made, click NO.

  • If you answered YES you will be working at the time of license issuance, eLicensing asks you to enter the license number of the NEW EMPLOYING BROKER OR CORPORATION. Enter the license number then click on DISPLAY EMPLOYER INFORMATION. Check to make sure the information displayed is correct, then click SAVE EMPLOYER INFORMATION.

  • Next, you will submit evidence that you completed your CONTINUING EDUCATION REQUIREMENT. To do so, click on ADD COURSE. Enter the 8 digit course number and completion date and click on SAVE. Repeat this step for all courses to be entered. Once all courses have been entered, click on VALIDATE.

  • If the courses entered were successfully validated, eLicensing will indicate successful validation. If eLicensing detects errors in the continuing education courses entered, the errors will be displayed on the CONTINUING EDUCATION VALIDATION screen.

  • Your new (or existing) broker MUST certify your employment. eLicensing asks if the broker is available now to certify the employment. Click on YES or NO.

    • If YES, eLicensing will display the employing broker/corporation and asks the employer to enter his/her username and password. After the employing broker (or designated officer of the corporation, if applicable) enters his/her username and password, the employer should click on CERTIFY.

    • If NO, the employing broker or designated broker/officer is not immediately available to certify your employment of the salesperson, you may enter his/her email address* and click on SAVE EMAIL. eLicensing will send an email to your employing broker to advise that your employment needs to be certified. To certify your employment, your employing broker/designated officer of the corporation will need to sign in to eLicensing, click on the CERTIFY SALESPERSON EMPLOYMENT menu option, click in the box next to your name to place a check mark and click CERTIFY.

      Please note, if the broker's email address is not entered or is mistyped, eLicensing does not allow you to go back to correct it. You will need to let your employing broker know that your employment needs to be certified. 

    • eLicensing informs you that your salesperson license renewal application is complete and provides the opportunity for you to review your application in PDF format by clicking on the blue, underlined "here." After you review your application, close the PDF window and click on CONTINUE to pay your renewal fee. If you did not review your application, simply click on CONTINUE to pay your renewal fee. 

    • Enter your credit card number and expiration date.  If you would like to receive confirmation of successful payment, enter your email address and click on PAY to continue.

    • You must confirm the payment by clicking on SUBMIT TRANSACTION FOR PAYMENT.

    • You will be informed that your payment was received and approved (or declined which will require you to correct errors or use a different credit card. Please print this page for your records then click FINISHED

    You have done it!  You've completed the renewal process using eLicensing. You will be provided the opportunity to complete a survey (optional). 

    Please note, if your broker has not yet certified your employment, your public license record on the DRE Web site will not show that your license has been renewed.

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