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eLicensing Tutorial: Add Main Office Address

Brokers, not corporations, can add a main office address using eLicensing. To do so:

  • Sign in to eLicensing. If you have never used eLicensing, you will need to complete the registration step to create a user name and password. Thereafter, clicking on the eLicensing graphic and signing in by entering your user name and password will provide access to eLicensing.
  • eLicensing will indicate there is no current MAIN OFFICE ADDRESS on file for your broker license and will ask if you would like to add a main office address to your license. Click on YES.
  • Enter your main office address then click PREVIEW CHANGE.
  • Review your new address to make sure it is correct. Then click SUBMIT ADDRESS CHANGE.
  • A new license is not automatically issued. If a new license certificate is desired, you may print one using the eLicensing system, click on CONTINUE.

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