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 FAQs - Using the eLicensing System

How do I logon to eLicensing if I am an Officer of a Corporation?

eLicensing registration requires a license identification number, Social Security Number, and date of birth that matches a DRE Licensing record.  Therefore, you cannot logon using the Corporation license identification number that is printed on the license certificate since Corporations do not have Social Security Numbers or birth dates.

As an Officer of a Corporation, you must enter either your individual Broker license identification number OR, if you are licensed as an Officer only, your Officer license identification number at the time of registration.  If you are licensed as an Officer only, you must first look up your Officer record to determine your license number.  Use this license number to create your personal username and password.

After registering your personal Username and Password, you can certify the Corporation's employment of Salespeople and request duplicate Corporate Branch Office licenses; however, you cannot view a Corporate license online through the eLicensing System.  You should carefully review the Salesperson change or renewal application before certifying to assure that the Salesperson has requested to be licensed in the employ of the correct license (your individual Broker or Corporation of which you are a licensed Officer).

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