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 FAQs - Using the eLicensing System

Why won't the system accept my continuing education courses?

The list below identifies the most likely reasons why you're having problems:

  • Incorrect course number: You may have made an error when typing in the course number.
  • Invalid course number: The course number you entered may not match any courses that have been approved by DRE or the course was not approved at the time you completed the course.
  • Incorrect date format: You may not have entered the date in MM/DD/YYYY format.  For example, if you completed the course on October 21, 2000, then you would enter the date as 10/21/2000.
  • Incorrect date: The date you entered may not fall within the date range for which the course was approved.
  • Invalid date: The date you entered may not be a valid date.
  • Course too old: To be accepted, the course must have been completed within the four-year period immediately preceding license renewal (for on-time renewals) or within the four-year period immediately preceding the eLicensing date that you are entering your late renewal.


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