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 FAQs - Using the eLicensing System

I know I entered my username and password correctly, so why can't I logon?

The most likely cause is that you've accidentally turned your Caps Lock on.  Usernames and passwords are case sensitive and must be typed using the correct case.  If the Caps Lock light on your keyboard is on, then press your Caps Lock key once to turn it off.  Type in your username and password again, then press the Sign In > button.  If you were able to logon to eLicensing, then turning off the Caps Lock resolved the problem.  However, if you were still unable to logon, then either your username or password (or both) are incorrect.  You'll need to reset them before you can logon to the system.  To reset your username and password, click on the link, Forgot your Username or Password?, on the eLicensing logon page.

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