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 FAQs - Using the eLicensing System

Why won't the eLicensing System let me renew my license online?

You do not meet one or more of the following criteria required to renew your license online:

  • The license to be renewed must either be a salesperson or individual broker license.  Corporation/officer licenses cannot be renewed using eLicensing.
  • Your license status must be either Licensed, Licensed NBA, or Expired with Renewal Rights (i.e., within two years of the license expiration date).
  • If your license status is Licensed or Licensed NBA, you must be 90 days or less from your license expiration date.
  • You must have completed all continuing education (CE) requirements or have previously been granted an exemption from CE requirements and remained licensed in good standing.
  • You have not been convicted of any violation of the law since your last license renewal.
  • If your residence or mailing address is out-of-state, you must already have a Consent to Service form on file with the Department.
  • You have already established Permanent Proof of Legal Presence with the Department.
  • Your license has not been restricted.
  • Your license has not been flagged for such reasons as child support obligor, non-payment of fees, etc.

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