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 Customer Service Survey

The Department of Real Estate would like to provide you with the best possible service and your input is vital to our success. Please help us serve you and others better by taking a few minutes to answer the questions below. Thank you for responding.

What was the nature of your business with us?
General Information Problem Resolution Technical Assistance
Permitting/Licensing Assistance Registration Assistance Other:

  Check As Appropriate
Agree Disagree Strongly
No Comment
Or N/A
Staff was courteous and helpful
Staff provided complete, accurate information to you.
A timely response was provided.
My overall experience was positive.
Please complete the section below if your business with us involved permitting/licensing/registration assistance.
The regulations were understandable.
The application instructions and related material were understandable.
The permit/license/registration terms and conditions were understandable.
The website provided helpful information.
Please indicate the name(s) of any staff person you would like to commend:
If you believe we fell short in meeting your service expectations, please describe the situation, including name of the staff person involved and the date the incident occurred.
As a result of your experience with us, what service-related improvements can you recommend?
Your Name
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If you would prefer to print out this survey form and mail it directly to the Department of Real Estate, please mail to:
    Real Estate Commissioner
    Department of Real Estate
    1651 Exposition Boulevard
    Sacramento, CA  95815

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