Graphic: Help Continuing Education Requirement

This display contains all of the CE courses that you have entered.

Action:  Click on "Add Course."  You will be advanced to a screen that asks you to enter the Course Number and Completion Date.  Then click on "Save."  You will be returned to the main CE course screen where the course that you just entered will be displayed.  Continue this process until you have entered all your completed CE courses.  Then click on "Validate."   If you have entered a course in error, click on "delete".  This will bring up another screen asking you to confirm this deletion, clicking the "Yes" button will remove the course.

At this time, the eLicensing System will validate your course entries to determine if you have satisfied your continuing education requirements.  A message will be displayed advising you that you have met the continuing education requirements or that your continuing education is deficient.

License renewal applicants that have been previously granted an exemption from continuing education and have remained licensed in good standing may use the eLicensing system to submit their renewal.  If you are initially applying for the continuing education exemption, you must submit the renewal application and exemption request  through the mail or in person to one of the DRE offices.

If your continuing education is deficient, you must either enter additional completed courses to satisfy the requirements OR submit your renewal application and fee through the mail or to one of our DRE offices to apply for a 90-day renewal extension.

This page last modified on Monday, August 04, 2003