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 Service Availability

Availability of the eLicensing online system is dependent upon many conditions.  As a result, DRE cannot guarantee access to the system at any time.

Licensees are strongly cautioned NOT to postpone the entry of an eLicensing renewal transaction in the event that access to the system may be temporarily unavailable or experiencing slow or interrupted responses.  eLicensing renewal transactions are considered to be late after midnight of the license expiration date, even if the transaction is in process at that time or the system is unavailable.  All eLicensing transactions will be monitored by the timing mechanisms of the eLicensing online system and not the licensee's computer.

Conditions that may contribute to service outages include:

  • System downtime for maintenance operations
  • Unavailability of payment processing functions
  • Internet interruptions by the licensee's service provider
  • Slow Internet response times due to peak usage
  • Computer malfunctions or failures

Thank you for your attention and understanding.

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