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 Salesperson / Broker / Officer License Renewal

An eLicensing renewal transaction cannot be entered more than 90 days prior to the license expiration date.

Licensees are strongly cautioned not to postpone the entry of an eLicensing renewal transaction in the event that access to the system may be temporarily unavailable or experiencing slow or interrupted responses.  eLicensing renewal transactions are considered to be late at midnight of the expiration date, even if the transaction is in process at that time or the system is unavailable.  All eLicensing transactions will be monitored by the timing mechanisms of the eLicensing System and not the licensee's computer.

eLicensing renewal transactions are accepted for late renewals as long as the licensee maintains a renewal right (is within two years of the license expiration date).

eLicensing renewals can be initiated if the licensee status is "Licensed", Lic-NBA", or "Expired".  Any other license status will require the submittal of a mail-in renewal application and fee.

eLicensing renewal applicants must have completed all Continuing Education (CE) requirements and will be required to enter their CE courses into the eLicensing validation process.

License renewal applicants that have been previously granted an exemption from continuing education and have remained licensed in good standing may use the eLicensing system to submit their renewal. If you are initially applying for the continuing education exemption you must submit the renewal application and exemption request through the mail or in person to one of the DRE offices.

A new four year license certificate is issued in eLicensing and new pocket cards are sent to the mailing address on record.

Any license changes entered along with the eLicensing renewal transaction will be made effective the date the transaction is completed.  Changes entered as part of a late eLicensing renewal will be effective the date the license is issued.  eLicensing transactions involving a change of responsible broker are not considered complete until the new responsible broker electronically certifies the application.

If an email address is provided, an acknowledgement of the fee payment will be sent to the licensee.  Additional email messages may be forwarded to a salesperson and responsible broker to provide eLicensing status information.  DRE will not attempt to remedy returned email messages that cannot be delivered.

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