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 Salesperson Changes of Responsible Broker

A salesperson may use eLicensing to effect a change of responsible broker on his/her record.  The effective date of the change is the date the new responsible broker certifies the request through eLicensing.

The salesperson will be required to enter the new responsible broker's license identification number as part of the eLicensing transaction.  If the broker has several licenses, i.e. as an individual broker and also as one or more licensed corporate officer(s), a list of those licenses will be presented to the salesperson to select the license to which the affiliation will be associated.

If a broker email address is provided, a email will be automatically forwarded from eLicensing to the broker advising him/her of the pending request and the need to complete the transaction through the certification process.

The new responsible broker will need to certify, through the eLicensing system, the new affiliation before it can become effective.  Once the responsible broker has certified the salesperson's request and if a salesperson email address has been provided to eLicensing, an email will be sent to the salesperson advising that the transaction is completed.

A new license is not automatically issued.  If a new license certificate is desired, you may print one using the eLicensing system.

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