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 Mailing Address Changes

Salesperson and broker licensees may change their mailing addresses using the eLicensing system.  A letter is mailed to the licensee at both the old and new address to confirm the change. To ensure mail delivery, the eLicensing system may modify the structure of the address to conform to United States Postal Service standards.

Licensee mailing addresses are public information and as such are posted on the Internet and available from DRE via telephone and written requests.  Licensees should carefully consider this when identifying a mailing address.

If a licensee wishes to provide a business address as his/her mailing address, please include "c/o" (in care of) information within the address that appropriately identifies the business entity.

A responsible broker's change of mailing or main office address does not change any salesperson's mailing address.  Each salesperson who uses the responsible broker's address as his/her mailing address must initiate his/her own mailing address change request.

A new license is not automatically issued.  If a new license is desired, a license can be printed using the eLicensing system.

License correspondences are always mailed to the licensee at the mailing address provided to DRE.

Examinees may also change their exam mailing address via eLicensing.  A change of exam mailing address will have no effect on any licensee mailing address on file at the DRE as they are separate and distinct addresses.  A letter is also mailed to the examinee at both the old and new address to confirm the change.

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