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 Main Office Address Changes

Broker licensees may change their main office addresses using the eLicensing system. 

Main office addresses are public information and as such are posted on the Internet and available from DRE via telephone and written requests.

A responsible broker's change of main office address does not change any salesperson's mailing address.  Each salesperson who uses the responsible broker's address as his/her mailing address must initiate their own mailing address change request.

A new license is not automatically issued. If a new license certificate is desired, you may print one using the eLicensing system.

License certificates and correspondence are always mailed to the licensee at the mailing address provided to DRE.

Note: Broker licensees cannot change their main office address to “no business address” or “NBA” using the eLicensing System. Broker licensees must submit either a RE 204 Broker Change Application or a RE 204A Corporation Change Application by mail to the Department to request this change. Licensees that do not have a physical main office address on file with the Department are prohibited from performing real estate activities that require a license.

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