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Print MLO License Endorsement Certificate/RE866 Filing Notification Report

All Salespersons, brokers and licensed real estate corporations PERFORMING mortgage loan activities for residential properties under the DRE license must complete a Form RE 866. (B&P Code 10166.02) Notification is NOT submitted to the Department if you are not performing residential mortgage loan activities as described in B&P 10166.02. See the Frequently Asked Questions for further information about the 866 notification process.

RE 866 is an online form, and can only be accessed by completing the logon process below.

To print out your Mortgage Loan Originator License Endorsement Certificate, or to file or amend the RE 866 Mortgage Loan Activity Notification report, please enter your personal Real Estate license number, your birthdate, and the last 4 digits of your social security number.

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