California Department of Real Estate (DRE) eLicensing System

Electronic Update Access Agreement Terms and Conditions

Your use of the DRE's Internet-enabled transaction services to access registration accounts or records held with the DRE will be governed by this Access Agreement.

Please read the conditions provided before clicking the "I ACCEPT" button which indicates your agreement to abide by those conditions in order to complete transactions online with DRE.

By clicking the "I ACCEPT" button, you acknowledge that:

  • You have read and understood this Agreement.
  • You will register with DRE through the entry of both an Username and Password.
  • Your registration with DRE will confirm your acceptance of and agreement to be bound by the Terms applicable to that access.
  • You agree to conduct transactions with DRE by electronic means.
  • You are aware that DRE may terminate this agreement at any time.
  • You agree to the following terms and conditions:

DRE Access Terms and Conditions
DRE may provide Electronic Update Access to information relating to records stored by DRE.

Electronic Signature
Electronic Update Access requires an Electronic Signature which consists of the supplied Username and Password or other security measures as required by DRE. The Electronic Signature is considered to be obtained at the time of successful DRE registration.

You, as a user of DRE's Internet-enabled transaction services, are responsible for keeping your password secret and confidential and not selecting a password which can be easily determined by others.

Your Liability
You agree that use of this Electronic Signature as set forth above is the legal equivalent to your written signed instructions to DRE, and that you will be bound by and liable for all use including unauthorized use by other persons without your knowledge or consent.

You are aware that DRE is under no obligation to confirm the actual identity or authority of any user of the Electronic Signature or any component thereof.

Protection of Electronic Signature
You, as a user of DRE's Internet-enabled transactions services, agree to keep the Electronic Signature and all components thereof secret and safe to prevent unauthorized use. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • memorizing and keeping safe and private the Username and Password included in the Electronic Signature;
  • avoiding selecting number combinations which may be easy for someone else to guess such as 1, 2, 3, 4 or which are associated with the Licensee such as birth date, or address, and so on;
  • avoiding selecting any part of another password, PIN or code;
  • taking all necessary precautions to ensure that no one finds out any component of the Electronic Signature, including while the Licensee is keying an online transaction.

DRE may, for its protection and without any obligation to you, require verification before accepting any DRE registration logon.

DRE Not Liable
DRE may cancel or restrict use of Electronic Update Access or Electronic Signature without notice to you, the user. DRE has no liability for damages or harm which you may incur or experience as a result of any non-acceptance, delay or restriction in implementing instructions, nor for any unavailability, malfunction, cancellation, restriction or withdrawal of Electronic Update Access or any portion of such service or any device associated with it.

You are familiar with and have read the provisions of California Civil Code Section 1542 as set forth in this paragraph and expressly waive to the fullest extent of the law any and all rights you may otherwise have under the terms of that Code Section, which reads as follows:
"A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know of or suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release, which if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor." (California Civil Code Section 1542; General Release Extent)

DRE Access
The DRE information accessible through Electronic Update Access are those which have been specified in advance on DRE's records and to which DRE allows access.

The terms and conditions of other agreements relating to any other DRE business you may have remain in force except as expressly altered by these Terms. If there is a conflict between any provision of those other agreements and these Terms, those Agreements prevail.

For Electronic Access by a personal computer (PC) you, as a user of the DRE's Internet-enabled transaction services, assume responsibility to keep secure from unauthorized access any information stored in the your PC, on disk, or any associated equipment.

Use of Cookies
Cookies are text files placed on the customer's computer hard drive by the server (a type of computer). There are two kinds of cookies.

  • A session cookie is one that continues in operation only for the duration of the browser session - when the user shuts down the browser the cookie is released and goes away.
  • A persistent cookie continues in operation after the close of the individual session. Shutting down the browser will cause the cookie to be written into a special cookie file on the user's computer, so that the next time the user visits the Web site that generated the cookie, the cookie will be sent to the Web site's server again.

A cookie is a short piece of data. The cookie is not an executable program and cannot do anything to your machine. The DRE uses a session cookie to enable electronic transactions. The cookie is used for no other purpose. You can prevent any cookies from being sent to your system using the browser options. However, if you do so, or already have your browser set to do so, you may not be able to process transactions electronically.

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