Required Statutory / Pre-License Real Estate Courses

Courses listed are approved by the Bureau of Real Estate as meeting pre-license education course requirements for the real estate Salesperson and Broker license.

Before engaging in the services of any private education provider, check here to see if formal action or pending action has been taken against the provider.

Contact the course provider directly for dates and locations of classes.

Pre-license courses can also be taken at any accredited institution such as the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU) and the community colleges. You must contact the UC and CSU colleges directly for a list of their course offerings. Click here for the real estate courses offered by the community colleges in California.

To obtain a list of courses enter the Course Provider's Name, the Course Type and select the Statutory Course(s) you are interested in and click the 'Get Course List' button below.

If you do not know the Course Provider's Name, leave the Course Provider's Name blank, select the course type(s) and/or the Statutory Course(s) you are interested in and click the 'Get Course List' button below. This will give you a list of all course providers for the course type(s) and/or Statutory Course(s) you are interested in.

To obtain a complete list of all Approved Statutory Courses, leave all boxes blank and click on the 'Get Course List' button below.
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Resident (live)Correspondence

Select the Course(s) you are interested in:
Advanced Real Estate AppraisalReal Estate Appraisal
Business LawReal Estate Economics
EscrowsReal Estate Finance
Legal Aspects of Real EstateReal Estate Office Administration
Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending
Real Estate Practice
Property Management
Real Estate Principles
Real Estate Accounting
Computer Applications in Real Estate
Common Interest Developments

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